Africa Ghana Industries

AGI was launching a brand new scratch-lottery game in the African nation of Ghana, the only problem was they didn’t have an actual product to sell. With less than six weeks before launch, AGI came to {untitled}idea with a concept but little else.

Logo design, product design, collateral materials, viral campaign

Although the timeline was tight, {ui} knew the key to this project was research. Having an understanding of the people and culture of Ghana was paramount in creating a brand that they would embrace and trust. But first, the new scratch lottery game needed a name. The approach was to take a very direct route…since Ghana had never had a scratch-type lottery game before; the name to say it all. Therefore, “Scratch It” became the unanimous favorite. It served a dual-purpose since it was an action instructing users what to do.

Of course, having a name was just the beginning. AGI had already planned to saturate the country with Scratch It marketing such as billboards, posters, newspaper ads, as well as giveaway items like hats, soccer balls and stickers. The strategy for the design was simple…create something visually appealing that still spoke to the country’s culture and history. Thus the Ghana Scratch It flag idea was born. Using the Ghana national colors, the Scratch It branding fits the landscape of the country, but was still distinct enough to create a curiosity level amongst the people.


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